Our lab is composed of people representing a diverse set of interests, perspectives, and experiences.  We come from Maryland [the good ones do], California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Oregon, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Nova Scotia.  Despite our differences, we are a close knit group, and our diverse interests fosters a highly collaborative environment.  

We are interested in a range of basic and applied ecological and evolutionary questions, and we use amphibians and reptiles as focal species to address many of those questions.  Our current research programs focus on (1) the impacts of nonnative species invasions, climate change and land use on amphibians and reptiles, (2) the influences of amphibians and reptiles on ecosystem processes particularly ecosystem stoichiometry, and (3) research to support the conservation and management of amphibians and reptiles.  We participate as a member lab of the Center for Integrative Conservation and the Coweeta LTER, and we work in collaboration with the Savannah River Ecology LabJone Ecological Research CenterGeorgia Department of Natural Resources, and the Orianne Society.  Please visit our "People" page to learn more about specific lab members, or our "Research" page to learn more about specific projects.

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